Station & Siren Map

Allen operates fourteen outdoor warning sirens that sound during severe weather events, including large hailstorms, heavy winds and tornado warnings. Though the sirens are placed strategically throughout the city, they are designed to warn people who are outdoors. People who are inside may not hear them, as air conditioning, thunder, wind, rain and other conditions can drown out the sound. The City of Allen highly recommends each home and business have other means to receive warnings and notifications, including internet, radio, television or a NOAA weather radio.

Siren testing

The City of Allen Fire Department performs audible monthly tests of outdoor warning sirens. Tests occur at noon on the first Wednesday of every month. Tests will not be performed during severe weather events. If Allen is experiencing severe weather on a regularly-scheduled date for siren testing, please assume the siren is weather-related, seek shelter immediately, and check the City’s website for additional information.

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Map of Allen fire stations and sirens


  • Central Station (310 Century Parkway)
  • Station 2 (1100 E. Exchange)
  • Station 3 (1021 E. Bethany)
  • Station 4 (615 N. Alma)
  • Station 5 (1950 W. McDermott)
  • Proposed Location 6 (SW Corner of Ridgeview Dr. & Watters Rd.)


  • Siren 1 (Deercreek Drive / Waterdown Drive)
  • Siren 2 (Trailhead: Rollin Drive / Wheaton Court)
  • Siren 3 (Creekway Drive / Lamplight Way)
  • Siren 4 (615 N. Alma Drive)
  • Siren 5 (Watters Road / Bel Air Drive)
  • Siren 6 (Collin Square Greenbelt: 1100 Matagorda Drive)
  • Siren 7 (Soccer fields on St. Mary Drive)
  • Siren 8 (W. Stacy Road between Curtis Drive / CR196)
  • Siren 9 (Water Tower: Malone Drive / E. Bethany Drive)
  • Siren 10 (1595 Stablerun Drive)
  • Siren 11 (Anderson Elementary School: 305 N. Alder Drive)
  • Siren 12 (Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt: 820 Cottonwood Dr.)
  • Siren 13 (Stacy Ridge Park, south of Country Brook Lane)
  • Siren 17 (Fire Station #5: 1950 W. McDermott Drive)