Rodent Control and Prevention

The City of Allen does not exterminate nor treat for rodents on private property. Placing baits or traps in public areas such as greenbelts or parks drives rodents onto private property and puts other wildlife at risk.  Homeowners should consult a licensed pest control company about treatment of private property.

Report Rodent Concerns

The Code Enforcement Department will investigate any area that may be harboring rodents.Citizens may report piles of trash, high weeds or other potential rodent hot-spots using the Online Help Desk or MyAllen App for iOS or Google devices.

  1. SIGNS
  3. Treatment
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  • Droppings along a wall or in cabinets and drawers
  • Gnaw marks near entry points or food sources
  • Remnants of nests when moving old boxes, junk or yard debris
  • Burrows dug in landscaping or under foundations
  • Sounds such as scratching or squeaking, especially in walls or ceilings