Allen Police Department K-9 Unit

Allen Police Department's K-9 Unit started in 1997 with one K-9 team. In 2004, the department added its third canine to the unit, bringing the K-9 Unit to its current authorized strength of three teams. Allen Police K-9 teams have assisted numerous agencies including federal, state, county and local agencies.

Apart from K-9s Ike and BJ, all canines were imported from European countries and trained in-house by departmental trainers, where a unique bond is developed with the canines and their assigned handlers.

Meet Our Canines

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Canine names and years of service

Canines that have served APD are recognized with plaques on display in the lobby of the Allen Police Department Headquarters. Meet our canines who have been in-service for City of Allen to this date:

  • Koda: German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois, 2021-present
  • Echo: German Shepherd, 2021-present
  • Knox: German Shepherd, 2016-present
  • Obi: Dutch Shepherd, 2014-2021
  • Arko: German Shepherd, 2014-2021
  • Barz: German Shepherd / Belgian Malinois, 2012-2016
  • Rocco: German Shepherd, 2010-2012
  • Bojar: German Shepherd, 2009-2014
  • Arno: German Shepherd / Belgian Malinois, 2005-2013
  • Gelmo: German Shepherd, 2004-2010
  • Lexo: German Shepherd, 2004-2005
  • Ike: German Shepherd, 2004-2009
  • BJ: Labrador Retriever, 1999-2004
  • Argus: German Shepherd, 1997-2004

What training do the canines receive?
Our three current canines are dual purpose canines trained in narcotic detection and patrol work. Patrol work consists of obedience, agility, criminal apprehension, building search, area search, tracking and article search. The initial training takes approximately three months to acquire the level of competence for certification and preparation for street duty. Training continues weekly to enhance the canines’ abilities and maintain high proficiency in all areas.

In 2004, members of the APD K-9 Unit built a state-of-the-art K-9 Training Facility that includes a large area for training, an office area, a classroom, an observation deck, a confidence course and a training area for detection. The APD K-9 Training Facility is instrumental in K-9 training and is utilized by numerous agencies. The facility is a great place to hold K-9 demonstrations and has been host to numerous K-9 trials and K-9 schools that have attracted teams, as well as instructors, from across the nation.

The Allen Police K-9 Unit has a proven track record of exceptional service to the citizens and visitors of the city of Allen, while meeting our goal of protection of lives and property, prevention of criminal activity and the detection and apprehension of violators of federal, state and local laws. The K-9 Unit is an element of the Patrol Services Division and provides highly specialized K-9 teams as a support mechanism to enhance the safety of our officers.