The conduct of Allen public officials is governed by the City Charter, the Code of Conduct and State Law. Members of the City Council and the members of all boards and commissions appointed or confirmed by the City Council must be knowledgeable of the City Charter, the Code of Conduct and State Law regarding ethics when participating in and making decisions while serving on a board or commission.

Conflict of Interest

The City Secretary’s Office processes all Conflict of Interest Forms in accordance with requirements of the Texas Ethics Commission.

Chapter 176, Local Government Code

The Texas Ethics Commission adopted Forms CIS and CIQ pursuant to H.B. 1491 and as amended by H.B. 23, 84th Leg., Regular Session. Please note that the Texas Ethics Commission does not have jurisdiction to interpret and enforce Chapter 176 of the Government Code. Also, please note these forms are not filed with the Texas Ethics Commission. These forms should be filed with the relevant local government agency. For Allen, these forms should be filed with the City of Allen, City Secretary's Office, 305 Century Parkway, 3rd Floor, Allen, Texas 75013. For more information, call 214.509.4107.

List of Local Officials

Allen City Council

  • Kenneth M. Fulk, Mayor
  • Baine Brooks, Mayor Pro Tem, Place No. 6 
  • Daren Meis, Place No. 1
  • Carl Clemencich, Place No. 2
  • Dave Cornette, Place No. 3
  • Chris Schulmeister , Place No. 4
  • Dave Shafer, Place No. 5

City Manager

  • Eric Ellwanger, City Manager
CIS Forms Filed
2020 Forms Filed