Drainage Operations

The Drainage Operations Division prevents flooding by maintaining drainage ways in the City of Allen. This includes sweeping streets, mowing greenbelts and removing debris from creeks.

The City of Allen complies with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), a comprehensive program for addressing polluted storm water. The NPDES program is part of the Clean Water Act. It is handled jointly by the City's Engineering and Community Services departments.
Greenbelt & Creek Maintenance
Creek Maintenance
Drainage maintenance crews clean out creeks and remove debris to allow proper drainage. At times, they use specialized excavating equipment to remove silt or large obstructions.
two workers clearing tree debris
Vegetation Control
Crews also control growth and vegetation in the creeks. Tractors and mowers are sometimes used to remove obstructions, prevent erosion, and minimize flooding on private properties.

Greenbelt Mowing
The Allen Parks and Recreation Department manages a contract for the mowing and maintenance of greenbelts. This includes land surrounding creeks. The contract is funded by the utility drainage fee.
Storm Sewer Maintenance
The storm sewer system carries rainwater from streets, sidewalks and buildings to local streams. This prevents flooding during heavy rains. This water is NOT treated at the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) Wastewater Treatment Plant, so it is important not to dump chemicals or trash in the street or storm drains.
water flowing down storm drain
The Drainage Division is responsible for cleaning catch basins and manholes, clearing storm sewer blockages and repairing broken storm sewer lines. Proper maintenance results in efficient drainage and less flooding.
Street Sweeping
Street sweeping removes debris and pollutants that collect in gutters and roadways. The debris is not only unsightly, it can also clog storm water facilities and causing localized flooding during heavy rains. Through regular sweeping, the City attempts to keep this debris out of local creeks and rivers, where it can harm fish and other wildlife. The City of Allen sweeps the arterial and thoroughfares twice monthly and collectors once monthly.
Street Sweeper