What amenities are provided with the REV?
Recreation Enrichment Vehicle (REV)
Arts and crafts: Easels, Paint brushes
Athletic equipment: Dodgeball, Soccer ball and goals, Kickball, Jump ropes, Portable volleyball net
Yard games: Giant checkers. Giant Connect Four, Corn hole, Giant yard pong, Bocce ball, Giant Jenga
Miscellaneous: Inflatable gaga ball pit, Slackline, Yoga mats, Floor scooters, Steps

Box Trailer Hitch (For use by City of Allen staff only)
Amenities: Tables, Chairs, Traffic cones, Barricades, Water cooler, Ice chest, Selection of Yard games

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1. Who can use the Recreation Enrichment Vehicle (REV)?
2. Where can I participate in REV activities?
3. What amenities are provided with the REV?