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Purchase Suggestion Form

  1. We welcome patron suggestions and will evaluate your request in accordance with the Library's selection policy.

    Due to the high number of requests, the library is not able to contact you regarding its purchasing decision. With the exception of digital items, you will be put on hold if the Library purchases your suggestion.

    Any requests for items not yet published or released will not be accepted. We no longer accept requests for CDs or CD audiobooks. Patrons are limited to 5 suggestions per month.

  2. Please note we are typically unable to purchase the following items:
    • Textbooks, workbooks, activity books, or specialty materials
    • Yearbooks, magazines, or other annuals
    • Items that are out of print or are published by companies not supported by our vendors
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  6. If this item is purchased you will be added to the holds list for the item only if you include your library card barcode.
  7. If the item is not purchased for our library, you can place an Interlibrary Loan Request for the item through the catalog.
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